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Placenta Encapsulation   $200

Placenta encapsulation services include pick up and delivery of finished goods within a 30-mile radius of my home in the Midlands (please message me for details); an umbilical cord keepsake; and, of course, the steaming, dehydrating, and processing of the placenta into capsules. Yield varies with the size of the placenta. Capsules are delivered in a dark-amber glass jar to protect contents from light. Dosage and storage instructions will be included. A Complete Package of all placenta products (capsules, umbilical cord keepsake, prints, tincture, and salve) is available at the discounted price of $260.

A non-refundable $50 deposit is due at booking of the service with the remainder due before your EDD. I will not pick up a placenta without payment in full. 

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