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Placenta Preservation

Medicinal placenta preservation is an ancient practice that was only recently rediscovered by western medicine as advancements were made in the field of regenerative medicine. While research studies continue to discover and confirm the medicinal benefits of the placenta, many therapeutic properties are not yet fully understood.[1]

Benefits of Postpartum Placental Consumption Reported by Mothers:

1. Alleviated postpartum bleeding
2. Enhanced uterine involution (uterus return to pre-pregnancy size)
3. Improved and accelerated healing and recovery
4. Reduced maternal postpartum pain
5. Prevention or treatment of anemia
6. Improved lactation
7. Facilitated bonding with newborn
8. Increased strength and vitality
9. Accelerated weight loss postpartum
10. Prevention and relief of headaches
11. Treatment and prevention of hypothyroidism
12. Replenishment and regulation of hormones
13. Improved quality of sleep
14. Increased libido[2]

[1] Mark B. Kristal, Jean M. Dipirro & Alexis C. Thompson (2012): Placentophagia in Humans and Nonhuman Mammals: Causes and Consequences, Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 51:3, 177-197

[2] List Adapted From Jodi Selander , Allison Cantor , Sharon M. Young & Daniel C. Benyshek (2013): Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations and Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption, Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 52:2, 93-115


Preserve your amazing placenta and reap benefits many mothers have experienced.



Placenta tinctures allow you to extend the benefits of placenta therapy beyond the immediate postpartum.



Emollient and rich, many find this salve to be helpful for all sorts of skin issues.


Placenta Prints

Placenta print keepsakes are a great way to honor the life-sustaining placenta. Available a la carte or along with perservation services.


Want It All?

The Complete Placenta Package contains all of the items above, at a discount.

You'll get pick up and delivery within 30 miles of my home*; steaming, dehydration, and processing of your placenta into capsules; umbilical cord keepsake; long-lasting placenta tincture (tincture steeps for 6 weeks before filtering and delivery); rich, emollient placenta salve; and beautiful blood and color placenta prints on archival-quality paperstock.


Service outisde of my 30-mile radius will incur a $25 travel surcharge. Please inquire about your particular location.

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